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In our modern era, experience and knowledge in your field of expertise alone are no longer sufficient to attract patients. The ability to market your name and clinic and highlight your expertise has become one of the main pillars to attract them. They will not line up in front of your clinic unless they hear about the wonderful medical services you provide. Cosmetic clinic marketing has become one of the most advanced fields in medical marketing. This means that if you are a plastic surgeon, you must master successful marketing strategies to position yourself among your competitors. In this article, dear plastic surgeons, we inform you about how to market your clinic or medical center in a scientific and simplified way, and we also learn how to build your distinctive reputation in the minds of patients who visited you or did not visit you yet.

Determine the target audience

Regardless of the amount of effort you put into your marketing strategy, it will ultimately fail to achieve its goals if it does not reach its target audience … You must define the specifications of the customers you are targeting as well as specify their needs and what you can do to meet them.

The customer is identified by building a fictitious character that simulates his condition from various aspects of his life, which includes identifying his pain points and what is the goal he seeks to achieve, solutions to those pain points and his role in helping him achieve that goal are included in the content that will be published on the communication sites as you will see In the next part of the article

If you are a plastic surgeon, your target clients may include a girl between the ages of 15 and 40 who suffers from a bad shape of her nose that exposes her to the ridicule of others and aims to make her nose look beautiful.

What is the target audience? Where is it located? What will attract this audience and can I provide?

All these questions are supposed to be answered before starting the marketing plan, cooperating with medical marketing service providers helps you to define the target audience accurately. Improving your presence on the Internet is the cornerstone of building an effective and effective marketing strategy, so even if patients hear about you from a source other than the Internet, they will do the research About your name on the Internet to learn more about you and below we show some strategies that will effectively improve your presence on the Internet

Marketing cosmetic clinics on social media

Social media platforms are a great way to communicate with your patients and enhance your presence on the Internet, and it is the most common method in many marketing campaigns because of their significant impact on the profit return compared to their costs. Social media platforms can be used to spread the experiences of former patients on their tongues; As the patient highlights his problem that he was suffering from and how it helped him eliminate that problem step by step, spreading the experiences of satisfied patients has a profound impact on the souls of potential clients. This greatly increases the enthusiasm of your potential customers to make their decision to book an appointment with you,

So you have to create an interactive community that combines your current illnesses who have positive experiences with you and your potential clients who share the same pain points, and a Facebook group that brings them together is a perfect idea. You can also include the solutions that you provide to treat your target customer’s pain points and your role in helping him achieve his desired goal, such as your role in improving the nose shape of the aforementioned girl with laser rhinoplasty, for example. You have to choose the social media method best suited to the target audience and the service you provide, for example Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are well-suited platforms if your clinic is in Egypt, and Instagram and Pinterest are also great platforms for presenting the results of your patients as a plastic surgeon (before and after the operation). Youtube also promises

And Facebook are two great platforms to show you videos explaining to your patients the different methods of operations, which increases their confidence in your abilities and increases your reputation; Visual content spreads much faster and more than written content. Each communication platform has its own rules, the number of words best suited to the post and the number of optimal posts varies according to each platform. The social media specialist helps you build an optimal content plan to influence the various social media sites.

Paid search (google ads)

Paid search is a fast and easy way to get patients to your website, if you use it right you will see a very impressive effect. Advertising on search engines is a very correct decision because it has a powerful effect in short periods of time during the clinic’s marketing journey. However, you will need to supplement your paid search campaign with other marketing strategies so that traffic is not interrupted by the end of the paid campaign. Improve your page that appears to patients in a paid search campaign. Make it full of useful information that answers their questions. This increases the chance that they will make the decision to book an appointment for your visit. Working with a professional in paid search enables you to optimize your landing pages

Build a website to be the first reference for patients looking for you

Studies have shown that 72% of patients search for health service providers on the Internet, which means that you should market yourself through the Internet if you want to attract patients. There are many ways that you can market yourself through the Internet, but owning your own site is the best one because you can easily control what you want to show to the patient. Your website is the one place you can always point patients to with any of your marketing efforts to provide more information. Although a professional, well-built website is a more expensive upfront investment, it will pay off in the long run. 40% of visits to a practice come online via smartphones or tablets; So make sure your site is compatible with those devices.

Implementing SEO Practices The Art of Marketing for Cosmetic Clinics

The best place to bury someone is Page 2 of Google. So if you aspire not to waste your marketing efforts, it is imperative to follow SEO best practices in order to get a suitable place in the search results. Good SEO depends on the quality of the content, local listings, and some other improvements. Marketing aesthetic clinics needs sufficient knowledge of SEO principles and rules. As it is one of the strong competitive areas on the Internet, so it is advisable to cooperate with a specialist in search engine optimization (SEO specialist) if you want a strong and effective presence on the Internet.

Create content customized to attract patients

Content creation is a fundamental pillar and a major step, whether in the marketing journey for cosmetic clinics or for other institutions. Creating high-quality content is a major part of your SEO plan, and without it your goal is elusive. You can create content to educate patients about the problems they face and that you can deal with, and familiarize them with the processes and solutions that you provide to them, as well as it must contain an explanation of the operations presented and answers to their most popular questions. High-quality content aims to build a positive mental perception of you in the minds of patients and highlight your experiences and skills to them. It also aims to improve your chances of appearing on the first page of the search engine for relevant searches.

It is preferable to diversify the content between visual, audio and readable, if you have high-quality content that contains accurate descriptive information, search engines will recognize it and give you a better ranking; Therefore, it is recommended to cooperate with some knowledgeable and efficient medical content makers.

Use review sites to build your reputation on the Internet

These are sites that enable patients to leave comments about the quality of care they received in your clinic, and new patients use them to see those reviews when looking for a new doctor. The good impressions left by your past illnesses increase the attraction of new patients to your clinic.

Hire the experts

Yes, many accomplishments were achieved in the past by relying only on oneself, but in our modern era, which requires continuous and rapid change, the tremendous successes and accomplishments are limited to those who revere dependence and are proficient in the art of us. It is always recommended not to distract your effort and focus and to seek the help of experienced marketing experts in building your marketing campaign; As online marketing is a very active and rapidly changing competitive field, we at DigiDr professionally provide online beauty center marketing services.

The use of advertisements in marketing to beauty clinics

Once you have established your clinic on the web we move to the next stage in the marketing process which is the advertising efforts. The importance of advertisements is to show you to patients who have never heard of you before, and also to remind those who have heard about you; Which increases your popularity even more in short periods

Ads for influencers

Influencers are those people who have huge audiences on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. In our time, the percentage of TV viewers is constantly decreasing, while the percentage of YouTube and social media viewership increases, so advertisements among influencers are often more effective than TV ads. As a plastic surgeon, you can advertise with influencers who provide medical content, health and sports content, cosmetic content, etc. Collaborating with marketing experts helps you choose the right influencers to advertise your clinic

Traditional ads

Billboards and print ads were great options that could help you attract the attention of potential new patients, but they are no longer the best option now in light of the continuous invasion of the Internet and social media to the world, so social media marketing remains the priority option.

Improving communication with patients and earning their loyalty to increase the effectiveness of marketing to cosmetic clinics

One of the factors that strongly influences your marketing plan is improving communication with patients and making their experience with you as great as possible. As it works to build patient loyalty to you, building loyalty of existing customers is one of the main goals of marketing operations in the modern era. Most of the time, the patient’s first experience gives a permanent impression of the doctor, and it does not stop there. Rather, the patient tries to convey this impression to everyone around him who needs the services you provide. If it is a wonderful experience, the patient’s words will generate effective and free verbal marketing for you. Here are some ways to communicate to gain patient loyalty

Email marketing to cosmetic clinics

Email marketing is a great way to communicate with your patients, you can use email to send reminders to appointments, newsletters, upcoming events or health advice.

Offer your branded promotional gifts to patients

As a plastic surgeon, it would be great to give your patients vouchers to purchase some of the leading cosmetic products for free. This can be done in cooperation with some of the owners of the leading beauty brands. If you are a plastic surgeon and your patient is a man, it is great to give him a voucher for a month’s subscription to one of the famous gyms after a body sculpting procedure. This can also be done in cooperation with the club owners. Small and inexpensive gifts such as pens or keychains bearing your name or the name of your clinic accompanied by a contact number can keep you present in the minds of patients whenever they see it and remind them to call you if they need what you offer.

Offer something of your services for free

Free services greatly increase patient loyalty; This makes him a permanent customer and encourages him to talk about his experience with close people, which greatly increases the likelihood of gaining new customers. If you are a plastic surgeon, it is great to offer your patient a free session in which he learns about the differences between the body sculpting process and the process of laser lipolysis, for example, and clarifies the benefits that accrue to him from each procedure so that it is easier for him to make the decision. You can also give him some free sessions to follow up on the results of the process and give him advice and guidance to maintain the ideal image. In conclusion, we confirm that we are now in the era of network expansion and spread; There are about 70

A million Egyptians are constantly on social media, which means the importance of focusing on imposing our presence on the Internet if we want to achieve peerless successes.

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