Top 7 Effective Dental Clinic Marketing Strategies

Of course, it is no secret to you, dear doctor, that marketing a dental clinic is now a major component of the success of the dentist and the prosperity of his work. This is due to the dental patients ’keenness in most of the time to go to the well-known doctors’ clinic. Even if you have deep experience as a dentist, you will not find yourself a worthy position if you do not pay attention to marketing your clinic and highlighting your experiences.

Good marketing not only means acquiring new patients, it also means gaining the loyalty of existing patients and making them permanent customers. Understanding this fact may not be difficult for you, but the real difficulty is figuring out how to shop for your dental clinic?

There is no exact answer. There are many possible strategies to use. Using a combination of different and effective strategies is the best decision.

In this article, we review together 7 effective and powerful strategies that should be used in dental clinic marketing:

Marketing the dental clinic on social media

It is necessary to build any successful brand to build a positive and strong mental perception of customers and potential customers about that brand, not only that, but it is important to maintain this perception by always staying in front of their eyes and reminding them of you constantly, and here lies the power of social networking sites that help you to stay connected With your own community and keep your brand in front of their eyes and in their minds constantly.

The ability to measure the success of your marketing plan in detail that social media sites give you is also a strong success strategy. It helps you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your marketing campaign, which gives you enough information to make successful adjustments to your plan on an ongoing basis. Social media platforms also provide you with a great opportunity to spread the supportive opinions and successful experiences of your current and former patients with you. These experiences represent the power with the greatest impact on attracting new patients to your clinic.

We are now reviewing with you some of the most important requirements for managing your social pages for use in marketing the dental clinic:

Determining the desired goal:

The goal differs at each stage of your marketing journey, at first the goal is to spread your name and introduce potential customers to your presence, then the goal is to build a strong mental perception of the quality of the service you provide, and then comes the goal of attracting actual patients to your clinic To increase income.

Studying competitors

: Study the pages of successful dentists, this study will make it much easier for you, whether in creating appropriate content or developing successful strategies for funded ads.

Identifying target groups:

Dental patients often visit clinics in their surrounding areas, it would not be reasonable to target a group in an area too far from your clinic, and studies also indicate that women are more interested in the services provided by dental clinics; So it would be right to place women in a higher target group than men. You must also determine the appropriate age that you target and the problems of those patients that you seek to solve (such as problems with crooked teeth, tooth decay, and tooth decay). All this helps to create attractive and appropriate content for the target groups that highlights your ability to address these pain points.

Determining the appropriate platforms:

According to the type of content expected to be provided, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are the best platforms in marketing a dental clinic.


includes the cost of funded ads, the cost of creating the content, and the cost of managing and monitoring the page.

Dental Clinic Content Marketing Plan:

Defines the ideas that you will present in your content and how to present the content (photo, video, infograph, my book …). As a dentist it will be important to diversify your content.

For example:

Publications inform patients about the differences between two different techniques:

such as the difference between dental bridges and dental crowns.

Information leaflets on the materials used in one technique:

they can be introduced to the porcelain material used in dental fixtures, as well as the zircon material, and to publish photos of the two types of fittings and to clarify the differences between them.

Videos explaining a specific disease or process:

For example, explaining to them in a video the symptoms of dental neuritis and what they should do in that case, the motion graphics videos achieve viral spread and greater interaction.

Previous customer experience posts:

The posts in which you publish your customers ‘experiences can increase the interaction on the page further and greatly increase potential customers’ confidence in you and their willingness to receive health service from you.

Pictures before and after operations:

for example, the image of the teeth is published before the braces are fitted and its image after the end of the braces fitting period, or the image of the jaw before the fitting of the teeth and its image after it is installed, and the patient’s consent is required before publication.

Also, the content plan should include pinned posts such as those that give them an overview of the doctor and clinic.

Funded Advertising Strategy in Dental Clinic Marketing:

Funded ads are a major and important step for the success of your marketing campaign. To create a successful sponsored ad, you must have marketing experiences in general, as well as expertise in e-marketing and funded ads.

Determining the targets for successfully funded ads and retargeting ads will greatly increase the demand for your clinic, but not studying the ads and not setting the goals correctly makes them worthless, so you should seek the help of experts and not be satisfied with your knowledge of how to create a funded advertisement.

We at DigiDoctor professionally provide social media management services for dentists, please feel free to ask for our help.

Dental Clinic Marketing with Local SEO:

It is necessary to optimize search engines for various key terms related to dentistry, but search results are issued for the keywords associated with your site, which is the most important factor in bringing more patients to your clinic Because it is of little use if a patient is found in Sinai when you search your clinic while your clinic is in Cairo.

If your clinic is in Cairo, this means that you should strive to export search results related to Cairo,

for example:

  • Dentists in Cairo instead of just dentists.
  • The best dentist in Cairo instead of the best dentist.

Marketing the dental clinic by creating a professional website: The best dentist in Cairo instead of the best dentist.

Out of every 20 researchers on Joule, one of them searches for something related to health (such as searching for a doctor or information about a disease or surgery), the website gives you a great opportunity to add many health-related topics and thus spread among a huge number of Google users.

Likewise, 72% of patients search for a therapist on the Internet, the prominence of your site when searching increases their confidence in you and contributes to a positive mental image of you This highlights your clinic as a reputable brand and distinguishes it from competing dental clinics, especially if the site is professionally designed.

Also, one of the advantages of having your own site is to take advantage of the aforementioned role in improving your local SEO.

Also, one of the advantages of having your own site is to take advantage of the aforementioned role in improving your local SEO.

Your professional site will help you create your own community of past and current patients and keep their loyalty to you, and your community will also include many potential patients; What increases the number of your patients in an impressive way.

Your site should contain some major sections such as:

  • About you:

Contains real and attractive written information.

  • The experiences of your ex-patients:

These positive experiences are the cornerstone of the continued spread of among potential patients, as the experiences of successful former patients are the strongest motivation for potential patients to book an appointment with you. This section can also include pictures before and after the installation of orthodontics for a patient, and images of the teeth of female patients with transparent orthodontics to remove fear in women from the poor shape of the braces. It also includes pictures of combined teeth, how the jaw was before fitting, and pictures of yellow teeth and how they became bright white after the teeth whitening procedure.

  • Motion Graphics Videos and Videos:

Videos in which you appear in person help potential patients get to know you more, relate their mental image of you to your true self, and increase their affiliation and loyalty from your former patients. While motion graphic videos are one of the latest and best methods of modern marketing that achieve viral spread because of the pleasure of watching scientific matters in the form of animation and the ability to explain all complex processes in a simple way through them. The motion graphic videos also contribute to removing the terrifying mental perception among children about the dentist, and children represent a large part of dental clinic patients.

You can provide motion graphics videos to explain one of the dental implants, or warn about the damages of candy on the teeth and show their impact.

Paid Google ads in dental clinic marketing:

  • And similar words related to your specialty and your clinic provides a service associated with it.

    You should also improve your ad scheduling.

    Google Ads service allows you to choose when to appear Advertisement, choose the times when your clinic is open to receiving patients.

    Also, you can choose to serve only call ads, which are a special type of ads. Readers can click on the advertisement and contact your clinic directly without having to go to your website or any other website on the Internet.


Marketing a dental clinic using the referral reward system:

For your dental clinic to remain successful, at least 70% of your new patients must be referred to you from your old patients.

However, your current patients do not realize the importance of these referrals to you and the growth of your business, so you should encourage them to remember your name and tell others about you frequently.

They can be encouraged to do so by offering a broad referral reward program, the content of which is a special discount or a reputable dental care product for your current patient for every new patient who brings you a referral.

The benefit of this system is not only limited to acquiring new patients, but also keeps you in touch with your old patients and strengthening the bonds of relationship with them. All you have to do is hand out small referral cards to your patients.

Marketing dental clinic via email:

Constant emails keep you in touch with patients and help them cement your name and clinic in their minds. You can use emails to remind patients of upcoming appointments, to advise them to have regular brushing sessions every six months, to introduce them to the latest technologies you use, to present offers to them …

The use of experts in marketing the dental clinic:

Of course, you knew that marketing a dental clinic successfully requires a lot of effort and time, unless you know it yet that it also requires extensive experience in marketing in general and e-marketing for dental clinics in particular. For this purpose, we recommend that you avoid the losses of unsuccessful marketing campaigns by seeking the assistance of experts, we at Digi Doctor have the necessary marketing experience that will significantly increase the return of your clinic.

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